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Fon of Awing

A blend of traditional and modern centralized administration is applied by the Fon who is at the apex of the administrative ladder. The Fon’s palace “Nto’o” is the melting pot of decision making and seat of traditional authority .........



Ndong Awing Cultural & Development Association (NACDA) is an association created in 23rd of December 1962, by the sons & daughters of Awing with the goal of uniting around the Self-reliant development of Awing Fondom....



Projects are finance thru membership contributions and levies, Donations and gifts from members, the administration, funding bodies and well-wishers, Proceeds from any fund raising activities,Loans, Royalties.....



Construction of sustainable pipe borne water in Awing village. Construction of a good Road Network, Awing Palace, Schools, Electrification of the village, Built classrooms and provide benches to the exiting ........



Awing has enough infrastructure to host a Sub Division, why not a Division. It has the population, the houses are many and modern, water runs in 60% of the quarters, electricity is the major centers, road network is well developed and maintained, primary schools are in all the 63 quarters, secondary and technical colleges exist, health centres are in the major quarters, a modern market, even internet service exist, and many others. Just look.

Pipe borne water exist in the Fondom and public taps are everywhere


Electricity is available in all the modern houses and in major places in the Fondom. One of the major projects executed by NACDA and now being supported by the Government to extend this facility into other quarters.












Internet Service exist in the Fondom at the NACDA secretariat. You do not need to go far to check your emails and browse the net.

Awing Fondom has five health centres scatered in all the quarters. Vacination of children is regularly carried out by the medical personnel.

Awing Fondom has twenty four (24) primary schools and three (3) nursery primary schools located in all the major quarters of the Fondom. Photo above shows CBC Nelebe primary school.