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about us

Ndong Awing Cultural & Development Association (NACDA) is an association created in 23rd of December 1962, by the sons & daughters of Awing with the goal of uniting around the Self-reliant development of Awing Fondom, creating an atmosphere of peace, promoting its diverse cultural and social acumens and projecting a good image of the fondom.

NACDA Motto is: Peace, Unity, Progress

NACDA Structure: Its structure is comprised of:

The General assembly
The National Executive
The Functional Committees
The Women’s Wing
The Youth Wing
The Traditional Council
The Quarter Development Unions
The Branches

The Technical Sub Committees.



It shall be opened to all Awing elements and any Cameroonian of good will upon registration into a recognised chapter of the association. Honorary membership is conferred by two thirds of the executive of NACDA on any person who has distinguished his or herself by some concrete act towards the development of the village.



To unite all Awing elements towards village development.

To sensitize one another towards self reliant development.

To foster and encourage cultural, social and educational development of the area.

To promote the citizen spirit of law-abiding, peace and unity to all Awing people.



Membership contributions and levies.
Donations and gifts from members, the administration, funding bodies and well-wishers.
Proceeds from any fund raising activities.
Royalties and legacies.
Any other sources approved by the General Assembly.
Sales of Almanac, membership card, dairies, posters and other gadgets.




Opening and maintaining of the road network.
Building of bridges.
Opening of the primary schools and developing the secondary schools system.
Developing a better water system and ensuring its purity.
Lectures on economic development process to young men and women.
Lectures on improved farming methods.


Enhancing hygiene and sanitation in homes and public place.
Ensuring appropriate equipment in existing health centres.
Construction of a cottage hospital for the growing population.
Lectures on HIV/AIDS and other dangerous diseases (especially STDs).
Vaccination Campaign.
Supervision of water points to ensure clean drinking water.


Developing women centres.
Instituting the annual cultural festival called "NDONG".
Encouraging frequent visits to the village by families and young people.


Solidarity among Awing elements.
Placing funds for peace campaign, peace missions and good neighborliness.

The PG NACDA has the following major and minor plan of action.

Major Projects


1- Extention of Electricity to some quarters in Awing.

2- Continue with the tarring of some critical portion of the Mile 11 Awing lake road.

3- Building of a Mutuary in Awing.

4- Lobby for the setting up of an FM community Redio in Awing.

5- Digging of a bore hole at the Awing integrated health center.

6- Build a classroom in GSS Mbenjom Awing

Minor projects.


1- Building of culvates in some quaters in Awing

2- Creation of a Water Management Board in Awing.

3- Creation of an Awing Economic Council.(AEC)

4- Creating and equiping of 2 private wards at the Awing intergrated Health center.

5- Meeting with Coordinator of the Various Development Unions in Awing to harmonize a common Development Plan


Pa. Dr. Nguhmbi Ndam Pefekefor
President General of NACDA




Late Pa John Mbachi† (1966-1969)


He was the pioneer co-ordinator of the Ndong Awing Cultural Association (NACA) which later became NACDA. He managed Buea, Tiko, Kumba, Victoria and Lobe chapters. From his Kumba bastion he embarked on a successful campaign that sold the idea out of the coast.

Pa. Peter MBAKO: 1967-1981

This legendary Teacher and administrator was the first President General of NACDA with the longest serving tenure of 14 years. His role bogged the structure to an oligarchy. He established socio-cultural, economic and infrastructural road map for the development of Awing and produced a check-list of Awing projects.

Pa. Mathias MBAPEH MBONGLEN: 1981-1987

He caused a constitutional rupture thus stating the oligarchy that reigned with P.C Mbako. He greased the administrative machinery of NACADA by limiting the Leadership mandate to three years renewable once. He attacked the first phase of the water project and personally laid the foundation stone of the first catchments in Mbeme. He made strives by kick-starting other community projects. As an education administer he worked for the mutations of Catholic School Mekemtikong to a community school and later to full fledged government school with the support of Jethro Mbafor. His aggressive foreign policy won the admiration of the Dutch who partially funded the Awing community hall.

Pa. Alfred A. FONENG: 1987-1993

He brought in transparency in the configuration of finance in NACDA by keeping his records straight. His approach in book keeping enables him to win the trust of foreign donors like Helvetas, and African development Bank. He obtained grants which he used to pursue projects left to him by his predecessors. Mr. Alfred Foneng is always remembered as the man who left reserves in the coffers of NACDA before he left office. His reign witnessed a flow of foreign aid into Awing projects.



 Pa. Patrick TEMBUNDE: 1993 - 1998

He prioritized roads and bridges and served NACDA selflessly by using his hard earn cash to augment NACDA’s fund to construct the bridge linking Bamenyam in the West Province to Awing, Though disappointed by the European Union, he explored other foreign avenues and plucked off substantial funds from the French Co-operation which he used to rehabitate the Awing Lake road from mile 11 to three corners with contractors Joe Corner Water Enterprise.

Ntumfor Nico HALLE: 1998-2004

This reputed international Lawyer, consultant and peace crusader who wears other important titles was elected at the foot of Mount Cameroon, signifying the hurdles he had to surmount. After a brilliant victory he stepped into office with his plan of action which unveiled first a new architectural plan for the building of Awing Palace. He mobilised all forces to appropriate the project naming it a mirror of the elite and their pearl. As the palace re-construction progress on, he unshelved the electricity project and told the population a good palace cannot be left in darkness. He therefore resolved to connect electricity from Matazem to the Palace. Ntunfor was the most enigmatic and charismatic President of NACDA. He used his personality to

impose the image of Awing in the media landscape. Many aspiring leaders look up to him as a model. He won the admiration of North West Fons through his works and they conferred on him the tile of Ntumfor


Philip PENANJE 2004 - 2010

Philip PenanjeThis was the youngest President General to have ever led the association. He laid emphasis on   the maintenance of roads and bridges, extension of water and energy and organized two big feasts being the 10th anniversary celebration of Fon Fozoh II in power and the annual lake festival which was officiated by Tourism Minster Baba Hamadou.

It was one of the most popular elections in the history of NACDA because it was organized by   two famous  election monitors   Ntumfor Barrister Nico  Halle  former  National Elections Observatory  and (Mekong Memopo’o) Professor Emeritus Mbangwana Paul Nkad  Ex- NEO delegate for   then  North West Province  . Ntsonkefo’o Peter Akoteh fixes the crux of his government road map    on the   modernization of physical, fiscal and legal institutions of the association in order to rationally share development by involving the aspirations of beneficiaries in a sustainable manner. He is through with the Awing head count and household data collection scheme which will be officially presented to the public this December. He views the project as a sign post of development because it will enhance the lists promises he used to woo votes in Douala. It is a laudable investigative report that will take Awing out of political, economic and social squabbles with some of the hamlets in Santa that have inflated   their population figures in order to eat the biggest chunk of the political cake. This initiative is coming at time when NACDA  has missed out  on several development appointments because of lack of feasible data.  Development partners will see things clearer when it comes to funding projects in Awing.