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Fon's Message: "Our palace, water, electricity, roads, bridges, school, hospitals, churches are here today not by chance but because of our endurance. We have reason to celebrate these successes because from figures gotten from the data exercise, I have observed that Awing children are   found   in all the continent of the world.

We are unquestionably one of the best fondoms in the North West Region because we posses good hunters around the globe who think first about the development of their home.  I consider this as the one most important assets of the Awing man that we must preserve jealously.

Our adoration for peace and respect for State institutions has spared us from enemies who think that they can stop us from constructing Awing.

Awing people, we will not stop on the way. The joy that is in my heart today cannot be measured because you have proven your maturity and loyalty to our time-honored institutions and the   king that I am who incarnates them. I know we have detractors but we must keep advancing. We have to move on Awing people, because we have an account to render to posterity."

PROMOTE PEACE,UNITY AND PROGRESS; PROJECTING A GOOD IMAGE OF THE VILLAGE: Solidarity among Awing elements. Placing funds for peace campaign, peace missions and good neighborliness

The Fondom is governed by the Fon, His Royal Majesty Fo’o Fozo’o II as the Executive Chief of all institutions. The Fon has several traditional and modern institutions which work together for the proper administration of Awing and Awing people. On the traditional side he counts on the various houses of Kwofo’o and other regulatory bodies, the traditional council and the quarter heads. On the Modern side he works with the Sub-divisional officer of Santa and the various institutions of the sub-division, the gendarmerie post commander of Awing, and the Santa Rural council institutions.