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Fon of Awing

A blend of traditional and modern centralized administration is applied by the Fon who is at the apex of the administrative ladder. The Fon’s palace “Nto’o” is the melting pot of decision making and seat of traditional authority .........



Ndong Awing Cultural & Development Association (NACDA) is an association created in 23rd of December 1962, by the sons & daughters of Awing with the goal of uniting around the Self-reliant development of Awing Fondom....



Projects are finance thru membership contributions and levies, Donations and gifts from members, the administration, funding bodies and well-wishers, Proceeds from any fund raising activities,Loans, Royalties.....



Construction of sustainable pipe borne water in Awing village. Construction of a good Road Network, Awing Palace, Schools, Electrification of the village, Built classrooms and provide benches to the exiting ........



Quarter Development Unions are formed to foster the development objectives of NACDA in confirmity with the NACDA Constitution. These Unions are headed by a National Coordinator. The branches are headed by Branch Coordinators. To be granted member of a Quarter Development Union, the postulant must be a registered and active member of his local NACDA Branch.


Mbenjom Welfare Union (MWU)
This was the very first quarter union to be constituted and they have been involved in various quarter developmental activities like the constructions of a multi-purpose hall (the only storey building hall), contributed a lot to get quality pipe borne water, contributed the biggest share in the construction of the bridge linking Mbenjom quarter and the rest of the village. A very disciplined union, the are working hard to complete their hall in order to host the NACDA End of Year General Meeting of 2011.

Mbenten Development Union ( MDU)

  1.  The Mbenten Dev Union (MDU) started on 28/12/1996.with a founding national coordinator PA AKOMANDO John Atefor

The Mbenten Dev Union (MDU) is a quarter levels initiatives by the sons and Daughters of Mbenten quarter AWING to foster the Dev of their Quarter. This is done by pulling their resources together both financial and others wise to improves on their welfare in particular and AWING in general.

  1. Past M.D.U National coordinators
  2. PA AKOMANDO John Atefor from 1996 to 2004= 8yrs
  3. TENYI ATSE Christopher from 2004 to 2008= 4yrs
  4. TENYI MBIGHA Moses Alomba from 2008 to date
  5. Various projects/ achievements
  6. M.D.U Hall project
  7. NTAW- Mbenten – Water – projects
  8. ALAMITI –Water Projects
  9. Production of quarter Almanacs
  10. Construction of small bridges and culverts in the quarter
  11. Permanent maintenance  of roads in the quarter
  12. Promotion of Education and Health in the quarter
  13. Encouraging self-reliance activities
  14. Sensitization and mobilization of members toward NACDA projects etc.

This development union has the highest population with many quarters making up the union. They have executed many projects; top amongst which are: one of the biggest meeting hall, extension of pipe borne water to cover quarters like alamiti and its environs. This quarter hosts the two government health centres and a famous moping (afedgone) market. The various quarter that form Mbenten are busy working hard to extend electricity themselves to their various houses.


Moses Alomba

National Coordinator




 Created in 1998, with the aim of improving on the socio-economic and cultural development of the above 05 main quarters of the Awing Fondom.

            The Union ’s pioneer National Coordinator was Mr  FONENG ALFRED who piloted the affairs of the union from 1998 to 2004. His reign had as major achievement the rehabilitation of the Awing lake Road through AZIANE to the main market. The construction of a new water catchments, the extension of the water line to Mbenjah. He equally initiated the Nkafor Bridge .

            He handed over to Mr. APONGPO DAVID on 20th March 2004. The Nkafor Bridge was completed during his reign. He refurnished the bridge at TA MBANGWANA. He equally extended water to some parts of the Union such as kongmbeng to Paul Mukong, Mbenjah to Mbapelong and Mbendeng to Mbamome. The dangerous portions of the Azane-Ncholeta Road were graded during his reign.

            He launch the maiden edition of the Unions Almanac in 2005 and produced five annual editions. Electricity was extended to Ta Mbangwashi and other parts of the Union during his reign in close collaboration with NACDA. He handed the baton of command to Mr MBAH SHUPONG MICHEAL on 13/05/2010 with 18 home branches and 36 external branches.

            Mr MBAH SHUPONG MICHEAL’S one year of office started with feasibility studies on improving on the performance of the existing  structures especially better management of water as the network was pregnant with management problems. He increase the management committee from one to three under the leadership of one person, Pastor Chi James. The result is very encouraging.

            He equally launched the maiden edition of the two yearly ALMANAC (2011-2012) in November 2010 and created a new external branch in Fumbot in November 2010.

            He in close collaboration with the Fon have launched a project of improving the educational level of the students of the area with the project of the creation of a secondary school in the area along side assistance to the existing primary school. Other envisaged projects are on the pipe line.



National Coordinator


Tanjang Development Union (TDU)
This development union calls itself the united states of awing since almost children of all quarters in the village are constructing and have constructed here. They have one of the most modern meeting halls which pride itself as the first to host a NACDA general meeting in 2010. They equally have one of the most efficiently managed water board. Electricity extension is gaining grounds in this quarter.


pNepele Development Union (NDU)
This development union covers a vast mostly farming area of the village. They are involved in a giagantic project of getting pipe borne water to that quarter. This water will not only provide for the people in the quarter, but also the women and men farming in the fields there. NACDA is behind pushing that the project see the light of day this year.


pAziandzere Makimtikong Development Union (AZIMAC)
This is the smallest of the development unions. They are very hardworking as they were the first to complete their electricity contribution. They have just completed a bridge that link this quarter to the village via the road leading to the Government Technical College.