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history of nacda

On the 23rd of December 1962, at 1.10 pm, at Pa Peter Nkemontoh’s house in Buea a group of young Awing elements residing in Buea decided to come together for a simple purpose of developing Awing.

They were:
- Pa. Peter Nkemontoh                                  P & T Buea
- Pa Francis Forlack Takuh                            Government Press Buea
- Stephen A. Sah                                           Press and Information Buea
- Pa. Frederick E. Mba                                  Government Hospital Victoria
- Pa. Mbonglen MMbapeh                            Prime Minister’s Office

During this very first meeting lots of suggestions came up including how to bring others sons and daughters of Awing in neighbouring towns like Victoria (Limbe), Muyuka and even Kumba together for the same purpose. Nevertheless members were asked to try to sensitise and educate the rest of Awing elements living around the Southwest Province on the need to be together. During this meeting, the following officials were elected:

Chairman: Pa Peter Nkemontoh
Secretary: Mr. Francis E. Takuh
Vice secretary: Mr. Frederick E. Mba
Treasurer: Mr. Mbonglen M. Mbapeh

On subsequent meetings the name Awing Youth Association (A.Y.A) was chosen and several meetings were held in, Tiko, Victoria and Muyuka. The heads of these various places were: Tiko- Pa Jacob Mbamulu (CDC Tiko), Victoria- Pa (Tanyi) Joseph Chungong

The group became larger and the meeting became interesting. As these meetings went on, there was reawakening amongst members and at one of the meetings in Kumba under Pa Mbachi, Lobe under Frank Tasi Kumase also joined. In one of the joint meetings in Kumba in 1966, it was felt that the name AYA should be change to suit our status, so the name was changed to NACA (Ndong Awing Cultural Association). In this same year, Pa Mbachi of Kumba was elected as president.

In April 1967, the Kumba branch invited the other branches in the Southwest Province to join them in celebrating the death of one of Awing sons- Mr. Alota. It was here that the unity of coming together was directly felt by some Awing elements.

Another meeting to elect full officials was planned on the 27th May, 1967. During this meeting the following were elected:

- Pa Mbachi re-elected as chairman
- Pa (Tanyi) Joseph Chungong as vice chairman
- Mr. Ernest Nkwate as secretary
- George Fru Mba as treasurer
- Peter Chi Mbako as adviser

Pa Mbachi was chairman for two years later on Pa Mbamuluh acted in interim until 28th of June 1969 when elections were conducted and the following were elected;

- Mr. P.C.Mbako President
- Pa Mbachi Vice-President
- Mr. Ernest Nkwate Secretary
- Mr. John Ngocho Assistant secretary
- George E. Mba Treasurer
- Pa (Tanyi) Joseph Chungong Adviser

Mr. P.C. Mbako was president from 28th June 1969 to 5th July 1980.

Before 5th of July 1980 the association/meeting was known as NACA and functioned principally outside of Awing with 12 branches. With the new laws creating the framework for associations in Cameroon and consistent with the development agenda of the Awing people, NACA was transformed into NACDA.

The following have been Presidents of NACDA from its inception to date:

Pa Peter Nkemontoh (1962- 1966)
Pa Mbachi (1966-1969)
Pa Mbamuluh (1969-interim)
PC Mbako (1969 – 1980)
Pa Mathias M. Mbapeh (1980 – 1986)
Pa Alfred Foneng (1986 – 1992)
Mr. Patrick Tembunde (1992 – 1998)
Ntumfor Nico Halle (1998 - 2004)
Mr. Philip Penanje (2004 - 2010)
Ntsonkefo'o Akote Peter (2010 - Present)