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Ladies, Gentlemen, dear brothers and sisters, we took over the mantle of the leadership in June 2013 with the firm conviction that NACDA must continue to grow from strength to strength, and rise higher and higher.  My dear brothers let me


    • Present a succinct report on the activities for the past three years
    • Duels on the difficulties encountered and present possible solutions.

it is an instance for us to demonstrate the vital and vibrant democratic spirit prevailing within NACDA. “Genuine development will always come from genuine democracy, for it ushers in new ideas and new ideals, new actors and new approaches”. These democratic principles are enshrined in the NACDA constitution, putting them at the very core of NACDA governance.
We have therefore placed this as “Holding on to each other towards modernizing Awing”. NACDA is an organisation that is over 50years old. We must continue to show proof of constant innovation, growth, expansion and efficiency in delivering the fruits of shared progress and prosperity.
That is why we set aside all rancour and recrimination, we stood side by side, we walked hand in hand, we laboured shoulder to shoulder on the eternal unending worksite of Awing development and modernization. We must continue to come together as we have done over the last half century of NACDA’s existence.
Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to pay special tributes to all my illustrious predecessors, all those valiant sons and daughter of Awing who kindled the fire in every Awing soul to form NACDA, and to transform NACDA into an enviable development organisation which today enjoys national and global reputation. We honour the presence and continuous moral guidance of former president Generals.
Pa Mathias MBAPEH, Pa Alfred FONENG, Ntumfor Barrister NICO HALLE, Pa Philip PENANJE and Ntsonkefo’o Peter AKOTE.
As we remember and praise these leaders, let us not forget the sterling contributions of all the numerous unsung heroes, those men and women who work silently in the shadows for the good and glory of NACDA. Sinced June  2013, many dynamic sons and daughter of Awing have fallen on the battle ground of Awing development.
, Dear brothers and sisters, sinced 2013, we took time to think, to consult, took action on the field, engaged major partners, we even dreamt big in order to achieve big things for our people and community.
Our actions were anchored on three cardinal axes; sound principles, a clear vision, and concrete action.
Principles of NACDA governance:
We struggled to purge and perfect the mechanisms of governance within NACDA in order to enhance its credibility and maximize performance. We implemented transparency, we endeavored to take into consideration all opinions and views that could enhance the onward march of Awing into the future. We tried at all times to work as a team, making sure that the community interest and the common good were privileged in all things and at all times.   
Accountability was capital to us as we managed the funds of NACDA stringently making sure that disbursement and deployment were proper.
We served the people with humility and honesty; we did strife at all times to respect the aspirations and fulfilled the needs of the people.
NACDA was founded on a sense of individual sacrifice; we all worked selflessly and sacrificially for the good of our people.
We made an effort to cooperate with every body, NACDA branches in the Diaspora, the various community development unions, the council, government agencies, private sector operators, the Fon and the traditional council, friends of Awing and international partners.
The vision for Awing development
After extensive consultations, we came away with the conclusion that Awing urgently needed a comprehensive plan for its long term development.

  • A plan for its harmonious development
  • A plan that will help us prioritize our actions
  • A plan that will help curb duplication and waste in projects
  • A plan that will not leave the whims of individual leaders, the responsibility of determining the direction of NACDA.
  • A plan that will motivate the people to own their development.

We therefore made a synthesis of the salient points in the form of a draft “Agenda for the transformation of Awing”

  • We circulated a pamphlet and invited everyone to read it and submit observations and proposals so that we could finalize this document to serve as a veritable compass or road map for the development of Awing. This included;  
    • Development of road infrastructure
    • Three phase Electricity / Electricity extension to the quarters
    • Development and distribution of portable water
    • Master plan of the Awing main market
    • Motor park with fuel station
    • Awing mortuary service
    • NACDA secretariat (head office)
    • Telecommunication (Community Radio / Telecentres)
    • Cultural heritage and tourism
      • Lake Awing
      • Development of plazas in all quarters
      • Recreational parks
      • Art and crafts
      • Museum
      • Dance festivals
      • Sport complex
    • Home for the elderly
    • Environmental protection programs.

We also proposed the creation of an Awing Economic Council (AEC)
The purpose of this council will be to map out an economic plan for Awing based on the potentials of our environment and the talents of our people. They have to find ways to modernise transform and add value to our agro-live stock production (food, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, fowls) through the development of cottage industries, tourism, art and crafts, services-banks, hotels, restaurants, etc... How to build strategic partnerships within the community and with external partners towards profitable business ventures.
The AEC should also propose measures for organizing the various trade guilds and economic groupings within Awing.
The council should serve as a sort of think-tank on Awing economic modernization and transformation.
The members of this council have to be credible and committed persons who are truly interested in the welfare of the community. They should be persons of vision and influence, people who will inspire and guide others towards better organisation, achievement and results.
For Awing to continue to be strong in development, Awing must also be strong in economic progress and prosperity.
Members of the AEC will go to work in the days ahead.
This national executive raised a total sum of 181.083.423francs between December 2013 to May 31st 2016.

  • We did complete studies with estimate of the mille 11-Awing-Galim road with GPS tracking results. The total cost stood at 4.9billion francs cfa. This file was submitted to the minister of public works. This road passes through a very important agro-livestock production basin. It links two regions (Northwest and West) and three divisions Bamboutos, Mezam and Ngoketoujah. It also passes through important tourist sites.
  • In the first phase of work on the Mile 11-Awing Road;
      • We did opening and felling of trees on both sides of the road.
      • Grading and compacting of the road surface totaling sum 10.3km.
      • Filling and resurfacing a total of 3.2km
      • Tarred a total of 1.1km of three critical portions.
  • In the second phase of our road project 2014

Thanks to road equipment given to us by the Mayor of Santa Council, we graded a total of 22.1km of road spending 3.000.000francs cfa on fuel and transportation.

  • In the third phase of our road project 2015,
      • We graded a total of 7km of roads inside the village
      • Opened a road to GSS Mbenjom
      • Opened the surrounding of the MBEME community Hall at Ntsoleta
      • Opened some dangerous road junctions in the village.

The total expenditure was 3.750.000francs cfa funded by the PG.
In response to our letter to the Minister of Public Works, 70millions francs was granted for rehabilitation work on the mile 11-Lake Awing road.
We immediately contacted the North West Regional Delegate of Public Work, and he accepted our proposal that the funds should be used to continue the tarring; 1.4km of road was thus tarred by EDGE Company.

  • In the fourth Phase, NACDA together with MDU and the Santa Council did filling grading and compacting of the portion of the road from Afedgone market to Aziane and the portion from the Santa water catchments to mile 11:
      • NACDA spent 5.500.000francs cfa
      • MDU spent 4.900.000 francs cfa and the Santa Council provided road equipment for 3.900.000francs cfa. We remain immensely grateful to the Mayor of Santa council Reverend Khan.

TDU also provided road equipment which the Fon of Awing used start the opening of the West park way; from Mafolack through Pa NGOPANG.
While waiting for government’s second phase grant, we are happy that GP DERUDEP in its road project this year that will soon start has allocated a total sum of 249.000.000francs cfa for the mile 11-Lake Awing road. We have opened negotiations with them so that these funds could be used to continue the tarring.

        • Education:

This has been a problem because we were not able to have a permanent education secretary to coordinate action on the field.
Our greatest partner in education has been the AEEF coordinated by Megmefo’o Pr Jerry SALIKI and several board members here in Cameroon. This foundation must grow stronger, greater and last for ever. It is already impacting immensely on the lives of our children in schools in Awing.

          • Last year alone AEEF in partnership with NACDA-North America Inc and private donors gave out scholarship worth 2.179.000francs cfa to 102 students primary, secondary and high schools in Awing.
          • NACDA-North America Inc gave teacher incentives of 240.000francs cfa to 24 primary schools.
          • NACDA North America provided education supplies worth 23.000.000franc cfa to schools and medical institutions in Awing.
          • Friends of GSS Mbenjom gave the Mbenjom Welfare Union a sum of 2.050.000francs cfa for the completion of a two classroom block built by the community.
          • Awing now has two libraries: one in the palace and the other in the knowledge center at Ntsoleta-MBEME.
  • NACDA PG provided the GHS Mewungne hall with metal doors, window protectors and aluminum windows for a total cost of 2.400.000francs cfa.
  • GP-DERUDEP plans to build a 200.000.000francs cfa classroom in Awing
  • The youth wing provided 40 benches to three schools in Awing.
  • The SAR/SM that was granted by government for Alameti/Mbeme is not yet functional. 

NACDA has been working with the health staff in the three health areas in Awing:

          • NACDA bought and installed in the hospital a 5000L water tank.  
          • An assistance of 17.000.000Fcfa came from the United States Embassy for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Awing. This was coordinated by our brother Tanyi Christian of LUKMEF-Cameroon
          • Several HIV/AIDS seminars were organized that trained HIV sensitization volunteers.
          • HIV program tested a total of 7.600persons in Awing and those qualified for treatment were supported to start the ARV treatment
          • LUKMEF-Cameroon together with NACDA developed a five year HIV strategic program for Awing
          • LUKMEF brought in Canadian Physio-therapists who trained nurses and the doctors in Awing
          • The CHUNGONG family organized a free health campaign in Awing and donated medical equipment to some health units.

We have had a lot of problems with the file of the 3-phase electricity to the village, it is just of recent that we have relaunched the file. Presently our major partner, the Santa Council is working on electricity extension to several quarters in the village;

      • AKULE-AZIANE axis : From Afedngone market through Akule-Afuh-Akying → GSS Aziane:  45.000.000 francs
      • Extension from MDU Hall through West End to the Hospital (11.000.000Francs)
      • Extension to MEPPI → Tanjang Fo’o: 36.000.000francs.
      • Extension from Tanjang Fo’o→Nepele and to the bridge: 20.000.000francs, will be finished next year.

The cultural committee has been very active for the past three years. Together with the Fon they organized the Ndong dance in 2013 and 2014. Cultural dances were revitalized, their rhythms and costumes improved.
Dances like, NKIENGWING, NDONG, NJANG, SAMBA, MEFACK and NGWAPAH have been recorded for posterity and better conservation.
The Cameroon National Anthem was successfully translated and transcribed in the Awing language. This was executed for the first time during the December 2015 General Assembly at Ntsoleta. It has also been recorded and will be launched during this General Assembly.
Many cultural animations and activities were organized during General Meetings, sketches on traditional marriage were done (Songmbo, Mangassa dance and Ndeg-momegye), and rite to manhood (Melo’o Metseu) was also performed. Some youth were trained to work as protocol officers. The cultural committee of NACDA has produced a book captioned “The Foundations of Awing Culture”.
The cultural committee has tried to influence the traditional council to reconsider some aspect of our culture bearing on widowhood and the status of a widow, with emphasis on her rights to independent living.
To adopt divorce as a legitimate process in our society and not as an abomination.
The Awing language group, which is a strong arm of our culture, is working very hard in the field of literacy.
The cultural committee has had to solicit the disciplinary arm of the traditional council to redress some youths with deviant behaviours.
The cultural committee regrets that much progress has not been done with the Museum project. This could have greatly enhanced the image of the village. 
I humbly and honestly recognized that there was a deficit in communication for the past three years. It was very difficult to get information to the branches especially those around the country. This was because most of the NACDA branches do not have functional e-mail addresses and again most members of the executive do not appear to be conversant with ICT and social media.
With the branches in the Diaspora, it was quite easy but we did not communicate adequately. Every NACDA branch must have a functional e-mail address. In the past three years, I was able to have two conference calls with the NACDA branch presidents and prominent elites in the Diaspora. This was facilitated through the tact and skills of Ntsofo’o FOGHANG MBANGWANA In the United States of America.
The NACDA Website was dormant for the past three years.
I believe, we have enough expertise both at home and in the Diaspora that can make the website functional, we must make this website active in the days ahead.
We also completed studies for a 500W Community FM Radio. This will cost Fifteen million one thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty francs cfa (15,001,760fcfa). It is now left for the General Assembly to take the decision
We also presented a completed file to the Ministry of post and telecommunication for the opening of a post office in Awing.
For the last three years, there has been a significant increase in the number of NACDA branches, both at home and in the Diaspora.
At home, there are new NACDA branches as Douala East, Memvelle in the South Region and BANGEM, in the Diaspora, America at-large, NACDA France and NACDA Equatorial Guinea.
New life has been injected in some branches like Santa, NDOP, Bangangte, Ngaoundere, Bertoua, Buea and Kumba.
We were able to address conflicts which were about to cause disintegration in some branches. Ntumfor Barrister NICO HALLE with tact and wisdom diffused the tensions and laid to rest a long term problem in NACDA Bonaberi.
Chief ATECHI Jacob was up to the task in the Edea branch. Dschang has had the beginning of a solution to its long standing problem. In general, peace reigns in most of NACDA branches.
At the start of our mandate, we introduce new NACDA membership cards. But we soon realised that there were some short comings in designing these cards. We do promise to correct this rapidly.
The control of these cards by the control team we instituted was meant to sensitize and bring us to understand the essence of contributing towards our self reliant development. It was never meant to embarrass or harass people. We temporary withdrew the control team in order to restructure and redefine its mission. In three years we were able to visit fifteen NACDA branches.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear brothers and sisters during this three-year mandate, some of our brothers made Awing proud; I am referring to the brilliant elections of Ntumfor Barrister NICO HALLE as president of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Council, H.E CHUNGONG Martin as Secretary General of the inter parliamentary union and of Jean Marc AFESEH MBAFOR as president of the National Youth Council of Cameroon. We also heartily congratulate Mbah-Ntiante Dr MBAH Maxwell.
Let us remember that NACDA will grow stronger and rise higher, not because of the extraordinary ability and competence of any single individual or leader, but because of the collective contributions and collaboration of all Awing people, old or young, big or small, rich or poor. NACDA will always triumph over any and all things that separate us. We have to accept the fact that there is nothing so fulfilling to the will and so defining to our spirit than offering our utmost to the difficult task of building a better Awing for our selves and for posterity.